If you have any issues with an order or would like to place a custom order please use the contact form below!

Please include the following information in your request:

Order Issues

For Order Issues, please include the following information under the comment section:

- Your order number

- The issue with the order

- Your ideal solution

Custom Order Requests

For Custom Order Requests, please include the following information under the comment section:

- Describe your plushie idea! (If you're customizing one of my existing plushie designs please let me know which you are referencing.)

- What size plushie you're interested in? (mini/regular/jumbo)

- Your budget for said idea? (a range is fine)

- Optional: If this is needed by a certain date

I will contact you by email to discuss further, if you'd prefer to be messaged on Instagram instead please include your username.

PLEASE NOTE: Just because you submit a custom order request, does not guarantee that I will accept. All custom orders are up to my discretion.

If I do accept your request, an order deposit has to be made before I will begin making the plush. Unfortunately I cannot base this process solely off trust as I'd risk wasting time and materials. The cost of the deposit will be subtracted from the cost of the finished plushie! It is not an extra fee, you're just paying a portion of the order total ahead of time.

This contact page IS NOT for website developers, marketing or anyone trying to advertise their services. I am not interested in whatever you are trying to sell. If you message me under one of these pretenses, I will not respond and your email will be blacklisted.

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